Presto Pasta Nights 250

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Presto Pasta Nights 250

Next week Friday I will be hosting the roundup of Presto Pasta Nights 250. This is my fourth time hosting. Thanks go to Ruth who has prompted us all to take part in a pasta making session and share our results. Dave and I were eating pasta at least twice a week, but the owner of the gym where Dave works out has put him on a no potatoes and no pasta diet! This is a challenge for us – I am a potato addict to start with, and now two of our dinners are restricted. We have decided that we will follow this during the week – Monday to Friday nights and so one meal over the weekend will be a pasta meal. I am going to have to get very creative in the kitchen with vegetables! I have a recipe waiting to share with you next week – hope you have some great ones to share as well 🙂


Please send me an email: lavenderandlimeblog (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your submission – just a link to the post will do, and cc it to: ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com by Thursday February 9.

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