Quinoa With Roasted Beetroot

Are you curious by nature? Do you ever cross the fine line between curiosity and wanting to know too much? I have an acquaintance who has always asked a lot of questions. Most of them centre around our house building project and how much we are spending. These conversations take place when ever we see each other, and there is always a comparison to what we are building in relation to what they have. She has always led me to believe her house is WAY bigger than ours and she has told me how much they paid. I am not really interested in the money aspect, or in making a comparison between our houses. But, I have heard endlessly about this issue.

The other day when driving home I noticed they had a ‘for sale’ sign attached to the gate. I decided to come home and take a look on the realtor’s website to see how much they are asking for the house. I  was quite surprised that even though she has made these claims about their huge house, it is in fact smaller than ours. The land is slightly larger but the house itself is smaller. Also, the claimed worth of the property is much higher than the asking price. So, was her curiosity about our house just that, or was she being rude?

Now, you are all asking yourselves “what on earth has this got to do with quinoa” and my reply is NOTHING! It is just something I wanted to write about. Much like I am sharing this idea with you. And please excuse what looks like a really boring supper – it was tasty which is what counts.

Do you have friends who ask too many questions?

© Quinoa With Roasted Beetroot

I cook my quinoa as per the packet instructions, but I add a teaspoon of vegetable stock concentrate to it to give it flavour. I roasted the beetroot for 40 minutes at 200° Celsius (they were quite small) with a sprinkle of salt and cumin. I then diced them up and added them to the quinoa.


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