Reader Appreciation Award

Reader Appreciation Award

The lovely Giovanna who blogs over at Blue Jellybeans has nominated me for this Reader Appreciation Award. Basically it is to say thank you to the top people who comment on your blog, by passing this on to them.

I love the daily interaction here in blogland and commenting is part of the process. I would not be here today if it were not for the loyal readers of this blog and the comments I receive. So, a  big thank you to all of you. In fact, it was the comments I received on my original blog that prompted me to carry on blogging. The site no longer exists sadly so there is no record of that time cached away.

The following people are nominated for this award:

Mandy’s Salad Dressing

I try and never miss a blog post from these bloggers so if you have a moment, pop in and say “hi” and tell them I sent you.

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