Regional And Seasonal Challenge: Asparagus

Regional And Seasonal Challenge: Asparagus

Keeping with using something that is locally farmed, and in season, this week’s challenge is to use asparagus in a recipe of your choice. My favourite story involving this particular vegetable occurred when we were barging on the Midi Canal. Dave and I had to do grocery shopping and we tied the barge up alongside the canal at a town called La Redorte. It was pouring down with rain and we had a fairly long walk to the market. On our way there we came across a farmer selling an organic variety and we bought an entire kilogram as it was so reasonably priced.

Asparagus Soup


The apple challenge was met head on by Little Chef who made the most beautiful apple flower to go with the apple flapjacks. This recipe is also a submission for Sasha’s Suppers

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  1. Thanks, Tandy – I have made something and took photos, but I am to tired to post that now (I amlost forgot to post the food quiz answers!) When must this be posted?

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