Pea Shoots | Regional And Seasonal Challenge

Regional and Seasonal Challenge: Pea Shoots

This week the challenge is to use something new! Well, new to the South African market at least. Pea Shoots are now in season. Use them in a dish and let me know what you did. I love how sweet these are and they make the perfect addition to a salad, a risotto and even as a garnish for a dish where you have used peas. I have had them in the most amazing dish at Waterkloof where Greg has created a plate featuring peas in all sorts of ways, including an ice cream. My aim is to always use seasonal and regional ingredients wherever possible.

I could not find any on my regular shop today so I can only hope I meet this challenge! It seems as soon as they were available they sold out.

EDIT: As I could not find pea shoots I am going to leave this as an open challenge. Instead, use fresh artichokes in a dish and let me know what you did!


My guest blogger Micheal created a lovely chicken dish with real Hungarian paprika and peppers. Cindy adapted Sonia Cabano’s coq au vin recipe for the ingredient challenge.

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6 thoughts on “Pea Shoots | Regional And Seasonal Challenge

  1. Gosh, can’t say I have ever seen them in the shops. If I can’t find them, I may have to twist the challenge and shoot a pigeon with a pea shooter and cook that …

    1. I might have to do the same! I have only seen them at Woolworths and they did not have any today – a good excuse for me to go shopping again this week 🙂

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