Food Bloggers Indaba 2011 Speaker Review

Even though these two parts of the Indaba took place separately, I am covering them together. They were both about wine, and between the drinking (*hic*) and the talking, I did not write many notes. What I can tell you, is that what ever you think about the glass of wine you are drinking is right! Well, that is really good news for me.

We did a blind tasting with Michael Oliver and these were my thoughts:

  1. Jordan Winery Chenin Blanc: citrus / sharp
  2. Neethlingshof Gewurtztraminer: fruity / smooth. This is my new found love and I have to get myself some.
  3. Barista Pinotage: dry / acidic
  4. Le Bonheur Prima 2007: smooth and by far my favourite of the 4

Cathy Marston led a discussion about wine and food paring. The most important consideration when paring wine with your food is to think about the weight of both the food and the wine. Then either pare with a comparable weight or a contrasting weight. Think about the herbs you use when paring wines. Try and match produce from the same region.

For the food and wine paring we had the following 6 wines all sponsored by Villiera:

  1. Down To Earth White (unwooded smillon savignon blanc)
  2. John Martin Reserve SB – Backsberg (wooded sauvignon blanc)
  3. Guwertztraminer
  4. Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc
  5. Down To Earth Red (touriga nacional shiraz)
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon

we then did a blind tasting of the wines with the food and here are my feelings about them:

  • smoked tuna: wine 1 increased the smokiness whereas wine 2 increased the citrus of the lime added to the tuna. Red wines do not work with this.
  • cream cheese and salmon: wine 3 was the best, but it does work with the chenin
  • coronation chicken: due to the sweetness of this dish, I could not do a proper tasting, but wine 3 was the best
  • smoky bacon wrapped around dates: this pushed my sugar intolerance way over the edge but either wine 3 or wine 1 would work
  • patatas bravas: I could not find a wine I liked with this dish, but if I had to serve a wine then wine 1 would have to suffice

I was given a lovely wine tasting journal from 96 Winery Road, and the list is growing as I have added all these wines to my original tasting with them of 13 wines.

Harry Reginald then ended Cathy’s wine and food paring section with a talk about Champagne, its history and why we should drink it. He is the most amazing speaker, with a great sense of humour and if ever you need an MC for an event I would recommend you call Harry. I took a video of the sabrage that Harry did to end off our day in the most spectacular way. I have embedded this into You Tube. I learnt something new – the cover on the cork of a bottle of champagne is called the crown.


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