Roast Chicken With White Wine

Roast Chicken With White Wine is a completely new way for me to make roast chicken. I have been making roast chicken the same way forever. Usually I stuff the chicken with lemon, fresh herbs and garlic. I season the flesh with olive oil, salt and pepper, paprika and mixed herbs. Then Gaby of Tastes and Treats posted her recipe and I knew I had to give it a try. Sadly Gaby does not blog anymore and so the recipe is no longer available for me to try again. My friend Sonja reared some broilers and gave me one. They are less meaty than the traditional happy hens I get. I should probably have used this type of chicken to try Raymond Blanc’s recipe for Coq a Vin as you are meant to have an old rooster to make this dish in the traditional manner. But, I decided that Gaby’s would be easier and less time consuming.

Roast Chicken With White Wine
Roast Chicken With White Wine

I did not follow Gaby’s recipe to the letter but I did add the wine as per her recipe and you could really taste the difference!

Once again when editing old blog posts I see how dismal my photographs were. 

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