Rosemary Salt

I have the most amazing rosemary bush planted in a pot outside our guest bedroom. The plant has lovely flowers and I just love the scent it gives off. I decided to make some rosemary salt as a hostess gift for a friend when we went for dinner. And I kept some to use for my lobster rolls.

Rosemary Salt
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Financial year end came around with a whole lot of other things that needed sorting out. The one was our satellite television access, provided by DSTV in South Africa. I have a price lock plan which I recontracted online. But for some reason, I got an email reminding me that the contract was ending. Not wanting to pay the higher access fee I had to get hold of a service consultant before the month ended. Luckily for me that was a simple transaction, confirming my contract had been renewed, and for less than I was currently paying. No sooner had I done that than I got an email to say my one add-on had been cancelled. So that issue had to be dealt with. While I was waiting for the resolution I looked at my investment account. The decision was delayed for a month while I thought about it.

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I was not sure whether to call the money, or re-invest and as we had a very slow month I wanted to make the choice as late as possible. In the end I decided to leave the funds where they are, and hopefully I made the right decision. There was also the small issue of trying to get a refund from Air France and KLM for vouchers we are not going to use. I tried to do this via their respective websites. And when that did not work I called them directly. I spoke to a very helpful lady who suggested I send them an email with the request. That too would need patience to have the issue resolved. And all of this while I did all the year end things I could do. When is your financial year end, if you have one?


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Rosemary Salt

This is a great hostess gift
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  • 60 g coarse salt
  • 7.5 mls peppercorns, dry roasted and crushed
  • 2 sprigs rosemary, leaves picked


  • Place the salt, peppercorns and rosemary into a blender and blitz until fine
  • Decant into a salt shaker or small bottle and use as needed
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime April 8:

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