Recipe For Saffron Buns

This month, Sally has set the challenge for saffron buns for Fresh From The Oven. I do these challenges for myself, as it takes me out of my comfort zone of the usual bread I bake. On Saturday when I made the buns it was cold. Our weekends have not been particularly warm for what seems like forever. So, given that it was cold, I let my bread maker do the hard work for the dough for the saffron buns. I usually find the most suitable recipe in my bread maker book for the challenge, but this month I used Sally’s recipe as is and put everything in the bread maker in the correct order. The dough probably would have kneaded better in my kitchen aid, so I need to see how to just do the proving in my bread maker. As soon as I took the saffron buns out of the oven I recognized them as being similar to the rock buns we enjoyed as children. We ate the first two straight away, and then I left the others to get cold so that I could style a photograph. I never thought that those words would come out of my mouth. But, I am spending more time where ever possible styling my photographs. I am very inspired by my friend Sam and I try and think of her when I have my camera in front of me, as her photographs are amazing. Do go and take a look at her blog.

Do you challenge yourself in the kitchen?

Saffron Buns
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Saffron Buns


  • A large pinch of saffron threads
  • 15 mls boiling water
  • 150 mls lukewarm milk
  • 2.5 mls salt
  • 85 g golden caster sugar - I used fructose
  • 600 g bread flour
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 125 g butter cubed
  • 7 g dried yeast
  • 200 g currants


  • Put the saffron into the bread maker container
  • Pour the boiling water over the saffron and steep for one hour
  • Add all the ingredients except for the raisins in the order they are listed
  • Place in the bread maker and select the dough setting with nuts
  • Add the raisins at the beeps
  • Once the dough has finished proving remove from the machine
  • Divide the dough into 12 pieces
  • Shape each piece into a ball and flatten slightly
  • Place the balls on a lined baking tray and cover loosely with lightly oiled cling film
  • Leave the buns in a warm place for an hour
  • Preheat the oven to 220° Celsius
  • Bake for 20 minutes until the buns are a light golden colour
  • Serve slightly warm or cold with butter, jam or whipped cream

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