Samsung Smart Oven

The third and last challenge for #MissionSamsung is to complete a review of the Samsung Smart Oven, and to motivate why this oven should become a permanent feature of my kitchen!


Background to my review:

In February 2005 Dave and I moved into our cottage. This is a converted garage, complete with garage doors, and I cook in a kitchen that is 7.5m². I have 8 cupboards and 5 drawers in this tiny space. Only 2 of the cupboards are for pots, pans, bowls etc. and so I have converted my stand alone oven into a cupboard. The oven part has my paella pan, wok and grill pan and the warmer drawer contains all of my baking trays and tins. So, without an oven that I could use, I had to purchase a smart oven. When the Samsung Smart Oven arrived at my home my current smart oven was relegated to the scullery of the house we are building and the Samsung took its place. I used it every night from when it arrived until today, when it is going back into its box and heading back to Samsung.

Samsung Smart Oven In My Kitchen

Samsung Smart Oven Review:

This microwave size oven is way more than a microwave! It will fit perfectly into your kitchen and would even make a perfect accessory for a student. If you are in the market for a microwave then I would look at this oven and give it serious consideration.

using the microwave:

Every night we heat our plates using the microwave. After 90 seconds the plates are perfectly warm and ready for dinner. The quick start feature is perfect, setting the microwave in 30 second bursts. I also used the microwave to heat my bean bag, and for my ginger which I keep in the freezer. I microwaved some frozen peas the other night and they took 3 and a half minutes from frozen to ready for eating.

the control panel:

Is very easy to use and really self explanatory. There is also a ‘quick guide’ in the oven itself. There is a clock on the control panel which displays the time when the oven is not in use.

Inside The Samsung Smart Oven


The roller ring supports the glass turntable which is easy to clean and is left in the oven at all times to rotate what ever you are cooking. There are two metal racks which can be used when grilling and cooking convectionally. It also comes with a handy crusty plate and this is the one accessory I will go out and buy if I am not the winner of this challenge.

The Crusty Plate

The two metal racks have one flaw in my opinion and that is that the legs are formed over the part where you are meant to place your cooking utensil.

The Metal Racks

I have test driven:

The smart cook feature to bake croissants and cookies,

Sablé Biscuits

and the slim fry feature to cook frozen oven chips and make oven roasted tomatoes.

French Fries

I have loved the auto fermentation feature and given how much bread I make, I so want to win this oven so I can carry on enjoying this feature.

Gourmet Pizza

This oven can be used for convection cooking and to test how perfectly it works, I baked a lasagne to feed 4 people. I then put the lasagne into the fridge overnight and used the auto reheat feature for a ready meal. The lasagne took 18 minutes and 35 seconds to reheat.


I also decided to see how well the grill works by making myself a Welsh rarebit for lunch. I learnt that it is important to place what ever I am cooking into the middle of the oven. A bit of the cheese oozed onto the crusty plate and all it needed was a wipe with a damp cloth to get it clean.

Welsh Rarebit

plus features:

It takes 5 minutes and 55 seconds to heat to 200° Celsius and this is to me, one of the top features of this oven. Baking is a breeze when the oven needs no preheating for some programmes. There is a safety locking feature so that you can prevent someone accidentally using the oven (such as young children). The cooking time can be adjusted at any stage by a simple turn of the dial. You can open the oven door to pause the cooking process, or stop it completely before the time is up.

the beeper:

The beep function can be turned off but I would not do that! It beeps as soon as what ever you are cooking is done, and then only once a minute until you pay attention to the oven!

technical specifications:

Dimensions: (W x D x H): outside 523 x 506 x 309mm, which means it will fit into any pre existing kitchen space which is specifically designed for a microwave. Inside 373 x 370 x 233mm, which means it will not take a standard roasting dish. Volume 32 L. Weight 20kg

Why I should win this:

While I had the pleasure of the Samsung Smart Oven to use and review, my current smart oven was serviced by Dave. Sadly, the door is broken and the oven will need replacing soon. If that is not enough motivation then maybe I should say that the kitchen I am building is going to need a lot of appliances! We are going to need a smart oven as this is the most energy efficient way I know of cooking. I would love to win this oven but regardless of whether it goes to me, or any of the other 9 contestants, I can say that this would make a great buy!

Disclosure: I was provided with the Samsung Smart Oven to use for this challenge. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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