Shellfish Bar, Kleinmond, South Africa

The Shellfish Bar is situated at the bottom of Harbour Road in Kleinmond. As I cannot recommend this establishment for more than the view, I am not going to give you their contact details or tell you their trading hours.

They serve seafood and sushi, and with a limited menu, they should not get one dish wrong! The average price of a starter is R45 and for a main course R77. They offer 6 starters and 5 main courses and there were no desserts on the menu. The wine list is average and being a seafood establishment, heavy on the whites.

Shellfish Bar
Shellfish Bar

Dave and I took a drive along the coast with the idea to stop and have lunch here. We had been before, and were not disappointed at all by our lunch. We chose a table with a view, and Dave ordered the Dish of Mussels (R45) which came in a broth which resembled water and was tasteless. Moreover, the mussels were tough. I ordered the Creamy Garlic Mussels (R53) which was bland even though the onions were raw. The curly parsley added more flavour to the dish than the garlic and my mussels were overcooked as well. I was amazed when the plates of food arrived that there was no bread, but it arrived eventually, a slice each of what we call Government bread. Plain brown loaf bread.

The waiter did not add or detract from our experience and as I said before, the only thing worth going for is the view. I would not mind sitting at the wooden tables on a bench to have an ice cold beer and watch the sea.

And … sadly, there is no and value!

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26 thoughts on “Shellfish Bar, Kleinmond, South Africa

  1. how disappointing. Sadly there are such great venues with amazing views, yet they let go on the food because they know the view attracts people. Mussels do look awful!

  2. Those were expensive disappointments, Tandy. You were obviously expected to love the view so much that you didn’t notice the poor quality of the food.

  3. Bummer the food wasn’t what it should have been. I’ve definitely been to many a restaurant where that’s the case. But, you’re right, looks like the view at this spot was entirely worth it!

  4. Eek – not a good experience. But you do have to say it like it is (as you have done). It´s not right that restaurants get away with serving sub standard food.

  5. Sorry that you did not have a good experience in this place…but hope you have a great week ahead Tandy 🙂

  6. I dislike when I discover a bad restaurant, but I do like to know which ones are bad so I won’t visit them anymore lol. But you are certainly right about the view.

  7. If there’s one thing I hate in the world is tasteless food,especially in the restaurant,I understand if you won’t recommend it to anyone. 🙁

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