February 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Showcasing February 2017

There is so much going on in my life right now but let me start the month by showcasing what was new in my kitchen in February 2017.

January 2017 #FOMO Box

Once again there is more smoked chilli sauce. To make sure we start using them I have put one into the fridge. The nibbly bits were devoured in a few days. The rest has been put away to use once the pantry has been built.

January 2017 #FOMO Box
February 2017 #FOMO Box

This month we received our second bottle of truffle oil. I have put both next to the hob to make sure they get used up. The tomato relish is really tasty and the terrine has been devoured. I am not sure what I am going to do with all the dukkah we are being sent.

February 2017 #FOMO Box
Brownie Tin

I bought a new brownie tin to make my chocolate cheesecake brownies. I have decided to spoil myself with new pans as I need them for the new kitchen. The old ones will stay in the cottage kitchen which will one day be let out for holiday accommodation.

Brownie Tin

Emma from FreshBags approached me through my business to stock their product. Even though I was not looking to add to my stock lines, Emma was kind enough to send me 2 FreshBags so that I could blog about them. I am super impressed and will be placing an order shortly. If any one of my local friends would like to order from me, please let me know. The cost is R65 per two pack and they are approximately 24 x 26 cm and are machine washable at 40 degrees. These bags ‘breathe’ and are suitable to be used to store fruits and vegetables in the fridge. I love these as they reduce the use of single use plastic produce bags.

Paint Brush

I prefer to use a paint brush, rather than a pastry brush in my kitchen. This one is a zero bristle loss brush made by Addis. It also has a no rust stainless steel ferrule which is quite important when you live close to the sea.

Paint Brush
Popping Candy and Popsicles

In December 2015 I found popping candy at a local shop. I have tried using it in various ways without too much success. Eventually I melted some white chocolate and made popsicles for the Christmas table.

Popping Candy
Raptor Rise Olives and Olive Oil

As a gift from Raptor Rise we were given a selection of olives and a squeeze bottle of olive oil. I did not know what was in our gift bag when I purchased a 5l of their olive oil. It is cold pressed and I love supporting small farms. The oil has an amazing green colour and pepper smell. I will take the plastic bottle with us on our travels as it will save the weight of a glass bottle that we normally travel with.

Raptor Rise Olives and Olive Oil

My dear friend Dorothy gave me a tea towel for our wedding anniversary gift. Dorothy and John and Dave and I celebrate our wedding anniversaries together every year at a special restaurant. We tend to go through a fair bit of wine when we are together 🙂

Tea Towel

I am linking up with Liz who hosts the monthly In My Kitchen series.

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25 thoughts on “February 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Plenty of good things in your kitchen this month, Tandy. We are coming into truffle season here in Australia, very soon. Happy cooking to you and thanks for the very kind shout out.

  2. I love your FreshBags what a great idea. I have some a set of eco friendly food covers that I use all the time although sometimes I can’t remember what’s in the bowl and have to lift them up so see through bags are brilliant.Loving your tea towel – I must remember it’s wine flu next time I wake up a bit groggy!

  3. Those fresh bags are a great idea. Wonderful new things this month. A question, do you use the paintbrush with hot foods? For instance, to baste a sauce? I have always thought that regular paintbrushes would melt.

  4. Tandy, one of the things I’ve always loved about staying in cottages is the eclectic assortment of cookware shared. Punt! Spoil yourself in your kitchen (as needed) but revel in castoff mismatched items on holiday. Cooking inspirations were made of such as this! Plus, it’s amazing to discover what you can do without and how “old friends” (i.e. relegated implements rediscovered) enhance your memories and meals. Love that you take your olive oil with you when you travel. Cute tea towel, too! xo

  5. Love the tea towel Tandy, I want one!! I love the sound of that smoky chilli sauce, I wonder if the British store in Melbourne would sell it? I’ll have to have a look 🙂 Those fresh bags sound awesome, do the veggies keep longer being stored in them in the fridge? Such a great idea if they do. Make sure with you truffle oil that it’s not in direct sunlight as daylight & heat can change the flavour of the truffle in the oil. Truffle oil should really be stored in the pantry away from daylight (it’s something I learnt at cooking school) xx

    1. The smokey chilli sauce is made by a South African chef so not sure if a British store would sell it. I wonder if there is a South African shop in Melbourne. The vegetables last much longer using the FreshBags. My sister tells me they are available in Sydney. Thanks for the tips for the truffle oil 🙂

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