January 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Showcasing January 2017

Did someone say January 2017? How quickly has the month flown! We ushered in the New Year with some MCC and lots of late nights. A friend came to visit from Zimbabwe and my aunt and cousin came to visit from Australia. We have been blessed to spend time with people we love.

Gayleen’s Decadence

I used Gayleen’s Decadence 75% baking chocolate for my ice cream. This is made from pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter and is sweetened with raw honey. I am really pleased with this product and as soon as I have made my way through every other cocoa product in my pantry I will get more of it.

Baking Chocolate
Moving things around

I moved the drawer system into the corner of our scullery. It was an experiment to see if permanent drawers would work there. And I am pleased to say that they will. I have also moved my juicer into the scullery with the intention of using it more often.

A new home for the drawers

And the TV trolley has moved to next to my kitchen units. I only have it in the kitchen for storage. Underneath are the baking tins I use regularly and in the cupboard are the extra jugs for my Kitchen Aid blender and an ice bucket that I keep meaning to move into the booze cabinet!

A new home for the TV trolley
Getting things finished

The carcass for the kitchen units is finally complete. The worktop will extend further than the carcass to take a prep bowl.

Carcass finished

My specially designed corner unit is perfect for all my Kitchen Aid attachments. You usually see these corner shaped so you lose a lot of the front section of the drawer, as well as the dead space on the sides. This way I get a flat fronted drawer. I am very pleased with my concept and how it has worked out.

Corner Unit

Dave and I bought a dish rack and utensil holder in Milan. He then made a rail to hold them both up and while looking for hooks I came across another rack with a holder for my dishcloth. I have used a temporary suction hook for the hand towel and will get Dave to place it there permanently when I find a suitable hook.

Dish Racks

My friend Camilla gave me a thingamajig for my Christmas gift. They are a chicken, sheep and pig. You place them onto your pot and it keeps the lid slightly lifted. Great to let the steam escape. I used the one when I made pasta.

Lid Lifters

My Boxer continues to make my heart smile. Other than when she is eating the swimming pool cover! This is her favourite spot to lie in my kitchen. Little does she know that the space won’t always stay like that.


This is my submission to this month’s In My Kitchen series hosted by Liz.

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