July 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Showcasing July 2017

July 2017 started off with promises of a much better month. For the first time in years I skipped a month of showcasing what was new in my kitchen. So, I am playing a little bit of catch up here.

All Gold Jam

All Gold have recently launched a lite version of their Connoisseurs jam. I don’t usually ask for something to be sent to me, but could not resist trying the Strawberry Lite jam. As I opened the jar I could smell the strawberries. Always a good sign of a well made jam. Together with this flavour were loads more for me to try. A huge big thank you to All Gold for sending me this amazing selection. It includes their new Skweezi range which James is most impressed with.

All Gold Jams
Baking Paper

A friend of mine was walking around Poco which is our equivalent of Ikea and she found some baking paper. As we had been discussing it she bought be a box. I love that it is already in sheets and it is proper non stick. I will pop in and see if they also do ones on rolls that I can cut to my own size requirements.

Baking Paper

Blackwood Countertops

Dave and I installed the countertops which now means that the kitchen section of this part of the project is finished. It was quite a story as the original manufacturer has stopped doing bespoke woodwork. We had to find someone else to do the work and I am super impressed with the quality of what they did.

Blackwood Countertops


Bread Board

Part of the delay in having these installed was that they lost the template for the corner piece. Unlike most corners, this one is flat. Dave wanted the grain to run across the corner and it had to fit perfectly. As an apology for the time we had to wait they made us a breadboard. This came with special oil and it looks stunning on my dining room table.

Bread Board
June 2017 #FOMO Box

Dave has taken the coffee to work as it works perfectly in the coffee maker he has there. The sugar free berry jellies were most welcome as this is one sweet manufacturer I actually spend my money with. I drank the Strawberry Fields IPA when I had a kidney stone. It tasted more of beer than strawberry which was a good thing. The olive oil has been used and the salt is about to make an appearance in my kitchen as the one from France is nearly used up.

June 2017 #FOMO Box

I am linking up with Sherry with new things in my kitchen for July 2017.

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27 thoughts on “July 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. The pure white tile walls above the countertop are beautiful. It’s amazing that you can manage without wall-mounted cabinets. Good luck with your new kitchen! I hope you keep showing us whats “in” it.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Mae, they are actually a light wood colour so I think they look white because the wood itself is so warm, if that makes sense? I don’t have any drawers yet as you can see so I am hoping to make do without the wall mounted cabinets, but time will tell. I will keep on sharing the progress 🙂

  2. thanks for joining in Tandy. your kitchen looks so wonderful i love that wooden counter top. is it heavily varnished to keep out the water? that loaf of bread looks so delicious.

    1. The counter tops in the kitchen are not varnished. They are sealed with canola oil to make them food safe. The one in the scullery is sealed with heavy duty varnish so that the water doesn’t do any damage. The bread recipe is on my blog 🙂

  3. Tandy, I can certainly understand your need to take a month off. (I took two and played “catch up” this month as well — though not for the same reasons — and not as concisely.) 😉 Wonderful re-cap of your time away! Your counter tops are stunning and worth the wait, it appears. I also loved that you could smell the strawberries in the jam. (Ahhhh…)

  4. You must be so happy to have the benches in and be able to spread out. A blessed relief I’m sure. Of all the things in your FoMo box, I love those chantarelles. We are pretty much bereft of quality mushrooms here because of the climate (I imagine it’s the same there) but there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to dried mushrooms either. A nice selection indeed.

    1. We had temporary tops on before this which was a good thing. But now at least that part of the kitchen is complete. We have a mushroom farm quite close to where we live, so we get amazing mushrooms luckily. The dried ones I keep for when the exotics are not in season.

  5. What a joy it must be to have your kitchen finished, or almost finished. I love reading about remodels. I will have to look up that bread recipe, it looks delicious.

    1. This is a brand new kitchen and sadly not nearly finished. I still need all the drawers, and my pantry and one more unit in the scullery plus …. The list is endless. Hope you enjoy the bread 🙂

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