October 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

So much happened in our lives in October 2016. The most exciting thing was Dave driving me around the racetrack in Port Elizabeth in his Lotus Elise. I am a speed freak and it was amazing! This month I am showcasing a few new things and linking up to Liz who hosts the In My Kitchen series.

Showcasing October 2016:
Butter Dish

The monster dog can get into anything. She has the keenest sense of smell and ate the butter out of my Maxwell & Williams butter dish given to me by my friend Kim who lives in Perth. At the same time she broke the dish. My friend Gill kindly brought one back from the UK for me as a gift.

Butter Dish October 2016
Butter Dish
Faithful To Nature

I recently took part in an organic challenge with Faithful To Nature. Part of my voucher was spent on the ingredients I needed for the dish. I also bought a huge bucket of coconut oil as I love using it when cooking with mushrooms. I got cocoa nibs for our granola and coconut nectar to experiment with.

Faithful to Nature October 2016
Faithful to Nature
Salt and Pepper Grinders

Even though we have an open plan kitchen and dining room I don’t like having to move the salt and pepper grinders around all the time. As my dinner service is black and white I bought myself black Le Creuset Salt and Pepper Grinders. I have moved the red ones into the kitchen.

Le Creuset Salt and Pepper Grinders October 2016
Le Creuset Salt and Pepper Grinders
October 2016 FOMO Box

I have not managed to use one ingredient from my Yuppiechef FOMO box. Firstly, I am going to swap the spatula as the colour does not go with my kitchen at all. I am looking forward to working with the coconut flour as this is an expensive ingredient I have not been able to justify purchasing.

October 2016 FOMO Box
October 2016 FOMO Box
Mini Cocotte

When I made my berry and rose petal jam I left the contents in my red mini cocotte. Scarlett loved the jam so much but she also destroyed the container when she ate it. So, I bought myself a white one so we now have red, white and black.

Mini Cocotte Showcasing October 2016
Mini Cocotte
My Canister Being Used

We are no further down the road with installing drawers so here is a photograph of my container being well used! I love having everything close to hand so I am sure it will be full all the time.

My Canister Being Used
My Canister Being Used
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44 thoughts on “October 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I am searching for a butter dish big enough to take a whole brick of butter – yours is lovely!
    Have a super day Tandy.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. I love the butter dish too.
    I also have a monster dog (Irish wolfhound) who once stole and ate a whole pound of butter. For a 7kg dog she is very light on her feet, but she paid the price that day – I’ve never seen a dog look so green.

  3. Well that Scarlett is a bit of a trouble maker isn’t she? I got some new S&P shakers as part of my farewell gift from work and love them. So much better than why I had.

  4. Ha, my dachshund once ate an entire stick of butter that fell out of the fridge in about 2 seconds before I could grab it. Fun vet bill right there! The cacao nibs looks fabulous, I’ll have to see if I can get some of those!

  5. I love the salt and pepper grinders! I wish you more luck with coconut flour than I’ve had – I find it soooo thirsty and lacking in flavour. I suspect they squeeze all the flavour out in cream and milk and then dry and grind up what’s left! 😉 It makes me smile to know you have a butter holder from Australia! xx

    1. This butter dish has the most amazing story. I saw one in Perth and thought I could get it here but could not! Had to fly back to Perth to get the first one. Well, it was a good excuse to visit again 🙂

  6. My Olive used to get into everything too, but now she is 10 and is having trouble seeing but her smelling is even better. Great things in your kitchen this month!!!!

  7. How do you find place for all these new things each month ? 🙂 So many wonderful things, ok a Yuppiechef FOMO box? I have a recipe going up next week with coconut flour, it s fun but tricky ingredient.

  8. I have not tried coconut oil for cooking mushrooms, but I now want to try some Tandy 🙂 Was the bucket of coconut oil expensive? I’d like to compare it to prices for jars and bottles that we have here in Melbourne. Sorry to hear about your broken butter dish, this one looks like a beast of a butter dish! I look forward to seeing what you create with coconut flour. I’ve been wanting to create something using it also 🙂

    1. We pay about Aus$10.21 for 1l. I am interested to know how that compares? I am hoping to get to the coconut flour in December 🙂

  9. My dog Casey does the counter cruising act, everything has to be pushed way back. What kind of dog do you have? Once they get some wonderful treats that way, it is difficult to break them of the habit.

  10. We’ve had our share of dog kitchen cruising as well. It slowed a lot after she had hip problems, thank goodness since she’s on steroids and always hungry now! The worse was when she ate a whole platter of very chocolatey brownies Thanksgiving Day and spent the rest of the day vomitting all over.. The salt and pepper grinders look fantastic, the little cocotte too. Love cocoa nibs in granola too. I use coconut oil for the granola, I’ll have to try it next time with mushrooms.

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