September 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Today Dave and I are off to the United Kingdom. September 2017 was a busy month which included having house guests stay with us. They fly down from Johannesburg each year to visit. Mike and Dave go to the racing while Gill and I go shopping.

Jelly from England

I needed this specific jelly for a recipe and was lucky enough to find it at our local British Shop. I will bring back a few from Tesco’s with me so that I can work on making my own at home.

Jelly From England
New shelf

When Dave cut out the wood for our sink he set it aside. The plan was to make a blackwood coffee table out of it. But instead we used it to make a shelf for the SolarDom oven. I am so pleased with the result.

New Shelf
Nguni Malbec

It is a very small world. When I met Charles Withington he told me that his neighbour in Darling was Serge Damseaux. I have known Serge my entire life through rallying. Serge arrived at my door with this bottle of Nguni Malbec. A very generous gift from Charles. Nguni are beef cattle bred in the Darling area. The wine is full of ripe berries and I served it with our paella.

Nguni Malbec
Paul Hollywood Spring Form Tin

Each time I need a baking tin for a recipe I am buying it, instead of taking one out of the cottage kitchen. Firstly I want all new things for my new kitchen. And secondly we are planning on turning the cottage into a self-catering apartment and who knows what people will want to bake when they are staying in it. I bought this Paul Hollywood Spring Form Tin and so far have made a few recipes in it.

Paul Hollywood Spring Form Tin

I was gifted these pomegranates in April, the day before we went overseas. They will keep for an amazingly long time in the fridge if left whole. Or you can freeze the arils. I turned mine into grenadine which has been set aside for summer drinks.

September 2017 #FOMO Box

Words cannot do enough to convey how disappointed I was in this month’s box. We are meant to get new things to try and this is not the first time we have had toffee spread, edible sugar lace, tea, flavoured popcorn and beer and beer bread. I costed the box and the Valrhona chocolate is going to have to come in at R114.50 when it is launched. We have scoffed the popcorn which was tasty, and the chocolate which was really good, and the rest has been left for when I need it.

September 2017 FOMO Box

I am linking up with Sherry with new things in my kitchen for September 2017.

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Dave and I will be back at work on the 23rd of October. I will start replying to comments then. I won’t be able to read any blogs while we are away so please forgive my lack of visiting back. You can follow our trip by taking a look at our holiday blog.

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