Simply Asia, Somerset West, South Africa

In Somerset Mall, tucked away in a corner near the arcade and the movies you will find Simply Asia. This is a franchise restaurant built on an excellent formula and each one has a Thai chef. Really, the formula is there and so it is up to each individual owner to make you feel at home, as the food and the menu should be a given. Our Simply Asia is very small, and I was glad we got a table with no problems – and as the seats have been changed from benches to chairs I was doubly happy. We sit as close to the kitchen as possible – not only to get a close up of the chef, but to get away from the outside noise from the arcade and food hall tables.

Simply Asia
Simply Asia

The wine list is limited, with only one rosé on the menu. The wine list is favoured on the whites – which makes sense given the menu. It is reasonably priced but as we are in our detox phase, we did not have any wine.

There is a choice of 8 starters ranging from R24 – R36, 3 soups from R29 – R33 and 5 light meals from R35 each and Dave and I shared a chicken spring roll starter for R28. They were crispy and tasty, but I could not find the chicken in them.

The main courses are divided into Thai; Vegetarian; Noodles and Seafood and range from R47 – R64. Dave had the large rice noodle seafood dish and I had the Yellow Rice Seafood in Yaki Sauce (both were R64). After our meals were put on the table the condiments were brought over – a small oversight as they should have been given to us straight after our order. The dish sauce with chillies in my favourite and my dish received a generous spoon or three of this and the soy sauce. I did not touch the dried chillies! Both our meals were excellent and I had to resort to the cutlery for my last mouthful.

We did not have desserts but I am pleased to see the addition of 4 Thai desserts to the menu. You can enjoy one of 7 (or all of them) from a price range of R26 – R30

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