Snoek Soufflé, A Recipe Using Left Overs

Making Snoek Soufflé is another way I use up my left over snoek from when we braai. You can use any left over fish so there is no need to limit yourself to snoek.

Snoek Soufflé
Snoek Soufflé

Snoek Soufflé
for the Soufflé dishes
  • 15g butter, melted
  • breadcrumbs for coating
for the Soufflé
  • 100g warm béchamel sauce
  • 175g egg whites (about 5)
  • the egg yolks from the whites
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • left over snoek, flaked
  1. Preheat the oven to 170° Celsius with a baking tray on the middle shelf (this is important so that the Soufflés can get a kick start when you put them in the oven, and to make getting them out easier)
  2. use a pastry brush to butter the inside of 4 Soufflé dishes 10cm across x 7cm high
  3. sprinkle the breadcrumbs into the dishes and rotate until the butter is completely coated, shake out the excess
  4. over a bain-marie mix together the béchamel and the egg yolks and keep it warm (use a bigger bowl than you think you need!)
  5. add the lemon juice to the egg whites
  6. whisk the egg whites until they are firm but not too stiff (this will take longer than whisking egg whites with sugar)
  7. whisk a quarter of the egg whites into the base until smooth - do this off the heat!
  8. using a spatula fold in the balance of the egg whites
  9. place the flaked snoek on the bottom of the soufflé dish
  10. fill to the top with the base mixture and smooth off with a palette knife
  11. thumb the edge
  12. bake for 10 - 12 minutes

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