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Mushrooms For The Something Savoury Challenge

The challenge this week is to make a meal where the star is mushrooms. This meat substitute is great for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike. I always have a punnet of mushrooms in my fridge. In summer I add them to our salads and in winter I use them in sauces. To this end I keep the whole button or porcini varieties in my fridge in summer, and pre-sliced ones in winter. The pre-sliced ones actually work out cheaper so if I make a pasta dish in summer I would tend to buy these instead. For fancier meals I will buy the exotic varieties. These are very expensive but worth the cost for nice dishes.

Why an easy challenge?

We are going to Port Elizabeth on Thursday so I have a very short week. Coupled with spending the entire day in Paarl and Stellenbosch on Wednesday, I am setting a challenge for the week I know I can meet without pressure.

Wild Mushrooms
My Mushroom Recipes:

PREVIOUS CHALLENGES ROUND UP Leaine unwittingly completed the regional and seasonal challenge as she managed to find pea shoots. Sharon (who makes my blog look good) completed a lovely pizza dish with roasted peppers.

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