Peppers For The Something Savoury Challenge

Something Savoury Challenge To Use Peppers

The something savoury challenge to use peppers has been set for this week. Known also as capsicums. I love that we have different names for the same produce. In South Africa we call them peppers and I love red orange or yellow peppers. In Australia these are called capsicums. I must say that the word just rolls of the tongue in such a nice way, making the vegetable sound way more exotic. My favourite way to use peppers is to roast them.

Red Capsicum And Tomato Pasta Sauce


For the asparagus challenge PinkPolkaDot has a wonderful warm lamb salad for you to try. Sharon made a lovely salad with beautiful fresh vegies and rissoni.

Sous Chef has shared a ginger biscuit recipe which she assures us means we never have to buy them again! In the tradition of having a variety of  cookies at Christmas time, Gaby has shared some wonderful recipes which are full of memories from the sound of it. This challenge left PinkPolkaDot in a fix as she has lots of cookie recipes she loves – here she has shared two of them. For a savoury biscuit look at this post from PinkPolkaDot.

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