Bake Biscuits | Something Sweet Challenge

Bake Biscuits Or Cookies For The Something Sweet Challenge

This week the challenge is easy! Bake biscuits or cookies 🙂 Share with us your favourite biscuits or cookie recipe. I love making biscuits and especially cutting them into pretty shapes. To this end, I will try any recipe thrown at me, as regardless of the outcome we will be sure to enjoy them. That is unless I totally mess up the baking time and they burn. This does not happen often enough to make it an issue. I will use food colouring in my cookies as well as decorate them with whatever I have to hand. Next, I need to try using royal icing, as when ever I see tea time treats decorated in the manner I think to myself just how pretty they look. I store our cookies in an airtight container to which I have added a few of the silica gel packs that you get with your vitamins or tissue salts. Do you have a storage secret to share? One day I hope to perfect the recipe for my cookie gun using fructose instead of sugar. I also want to get Brandy snaps made that are crispy.

Bake Biscuits Or Cookies For The Something Sweet Challenge
Rose Pink Biscuits


Leaine has come up with a beautiful dish using asparagus and black soba noodles

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  1. Tandy I am not baking right now i joined SureSlim :):) and am rather determined however I have my old cookie book from Switzerland its 30 years old and has all those famous swiss cookies in and i shall right some out and post them 🙂

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