Apples For The Something Sweet Challenge

Something Sweet Challenge To Use Apples

The challenge for this week is to bake something using apples. Now, I know of at least two bloggers who have already done something! All you have to do is get your post up before midnight on Sunday 19th September and let me know. I am a firm believer in the adage an apple a day keeps the Doctor away. In fact, most mornings I have two of them before I eat breakfast. I am a very fussy apple eater. They need to be firm and tart. I do not like soft floury apples at all. Do you prefer red or green? I mostly eat red ones but will venture into green varieties if they are Granny Smith? Which is your favourite variety? We have so many new ones on the market each year that I tend to pick a new favourite each season. This season it might be Pink Lady and next year Fiji. Most often I buy small apples as it is really the skin I like more than the flesh. Did you know you should not eat the pips? I feed the core of the apple to my dogs, removing the seeds before I do so.

Apple Pie

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