Sora Maria, Civitavecchia, Italy

Sora Maria

Dave and I arrived in Civitavecchia just before 19h00 with the sun still shining. We chose not to catch a bus from the train station to the ferry port. Instead we walked to the town looking for a place to eat. As is our habit, we walked out of the tourist area and found Sora Maria. This trattoria was established in 1885 and serves the local Italian community. It overlooks Forte Michelangelo and if the gate to the steps was open we could have walked straight down to the ferry port after our dinner.

Sora Maria
Our Meal

The waiter who greeted us at the door stowed our luggage away in the back office and seated us at a window table with a view over the harbour.


We chose a 375ml bottle of Franciacorta prosecco and started our meal with Insalata di Polpo. This generous portion of octopus was really delicious.

Insalata di Polpo

In keeping with eating local ingredients Dave had the Spaghetti vongole verau (€12) and I had the Gnocco ragù e crostacie (€12). The clams were slightly spiced with chilli and my gnocco was extremely soft and very tasty. Both our portions were huge.

Spaghetti vongole verau
Our impressions

When a restaurant has been open for so long and is frequented by locals, you cannot go wrong. The staff were helpful and friendly and both spoke a little bit of English. Dave’s Italian has improved enough over the years to get by but learning please and thank you will always help. My Italian is far better than his and I always appreciate it when I am spoken to in Italian as if I had been born there.

Gnocco ragù e crostacie

Contact them on +39 766 26397

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime May 24:

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