Sprouts For Salads And How To Make Them

To me, no summer salad is complete without sprouts.

When I was in primary school, one of my closest friends was Italian. Lunches at her house were always a treat of pizza home made by her Nonna. Her Zia (Aunt) was forced to stay at home, and she was a vegan. This was my first experience of someone who ate no animal protein. She grew her own sprouts in these little glass trays and I was always intrigued by these little shoots growing on the window sill. In England I found the perfect sprouter – but you do not need one of the fancy glass jars to make your own sprouts. They are so easy to do, and take three days of watering and draining to get something home grown to add to your salads and sandwiches. All vegetarians will be well used to these little gems, but they are good for you regardless of your dietary needs. Sadly, my friend passed away when we were in our twenties, but it is the Italian I learnt in her home which has helped me with the Italian I am learning today.

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  • mung beans
  • chickpeas
  • sunflower seeds
  • puy lentils
  • brown lentils
  • green lentils
  • aduki beans
  • little radish
  • fenugreek seeds


  • mix together equal quantities of the ingredients and keep in a container for when needed


for sprouting, use a teaspoon at a time and keep in the fridge once sprouted

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