Stocking A Pantry With Container Items

Stocking A Pantry With Container Items

Stocking A Pantry With Container Items: There is no right way or wrong way to stock a pantry. This is just a post to share how I went about stocking my pantry. The items have grown over the years and as the pantry cupboard in my new kitchen is going to be quite narrow I have put all of my items into lock and go containers. These work really well. You can also see that I am a bit obsessed and everything in my kitchen is labelled!


Flour is a basic ingredient needed in any pantry. You do not need to go overboard with a lot of different flours but I would recommend ordinary cake flour and self-raising for baking, bread flour for bread making and cornflour as a thickener. As you can see, I have 9 different types of flour!


Next in my pantry is a collection of seeds. These are essential for the granola which I make every week. Pumpkin seeds are a worthwhile buy as they can be used toasted in soups, and for breads. Beans and lentils make up the next section. I also love to sprout my own sprouts and beans and lentils are a cost efficient way of bulking your meals.

Beans and Lentils

Rice is another house hold staple and you need to stock at least white rice and either jasmine or basmati rice for curries in my opinion. Personally, I prefer brown and wild rice for my casseroles.


Sugar is next on the list. You will need granulated (white or brown) sugar and icing sugar at the very least in your pantry. As I do not use sugar I have fructose in my pantry. If you are going to replace sugar in your diet I would recommend you buy fructose over any other product.

Sugar and Fructose

Pasta features heavily in my kitchen – the container marked spaghetti contains three different types of long pasta. I also always have a lot of pasta shapes and keep a few packets in the cupboard. Once opened I place the pasta into the container. These last a long time in my house as I prefer to make pasta from scratch when ever possible.


For salad making and side dishes, we use quinoa the most often, and cous cous for variations. I also keep maize meal for pap as well as bulgar wheat for one of the bread recipes I use.

Quinoa, Cous Cous, Maize and Bulgar

My muesli container is for the little bit of granola I keep at home. Mixed nuts, dried fruit, rolled oats and desiccated coconut all go into making it. Rolled oats are a breakfast must! Dave makes them with a dash of whisky and cream or butter!

Granola Ingredients

Then I have my snack containers. I have recently added popcorn to this list which is a great snack in my opinion. The crumpet mix is for a quick afternoon treat and I have matza nearly every day with peanut butter and cheese. Dave and I have cheese on crackers every night after dinner.


I will follow up this post with what I keep in my pantry cupboard in the near future. If you would like to show me what is in your pantry please link back to this post and I will create a link love list.

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