Stocking A Pantry Cupboard

Stocking A Pantry Cupboard

Following on from my post on how I have stocked my pantry here is a post on Stocking A Pantry Cupboard. This is what you will find in my cupboard. A huge selection of oils is not necessary but I would recommend a good olive oil and canola / sunflower oil. I make my mayonnaise with canola oil as I do not like the heavy taste of olive oil, and for salad dressings I also prefer canola oil. I cook with olive oil most evenings.

A selection of oils for Stocking A Pantry Cupboard
A selection of oils

I am slightly obsessed by vinegar but recommend that you have a good balsamic vinegar and a white wine vinegar in your pantry.

Serious choice of vinegar
Serious choice of vinegar

Stocks and sauces go without saying as long as they are a decent quality made from decent ingredients. I would love to say that I always use homemade stock, but that is not the case. And because of that, I keep concentrated stock in my cupboard. And that is what I use most often. I also always have fish sauce and Worcestershire sauce to hand as they can make an ordinary meal that much difference by the depth of flavour they add.

Stocks and sauces: Stocking A Pantry Cupboard
Stocks and sauces

Then we move on to coffee – a BIG must for me as I do not wake up without coffee. Dave has an espresso machine and a coffee bean grinder and he grinds his own coffee every afternoon. I also have decaffeinated coffee for a friend who prefers that, and cremora for my mother for when she comes to visit.

Coffee and Creamer
Coffee and Creamer

I also have a selection of teas – I love tea and have ice tea in summer and a hot cup of tea in winter when I get home from work.


For the nights I need to sleep well there is my hot chocolate and barley malt syrup. This barley malt tastes way better than horlicks / ovaltine and is seriously cheap. It is also not sweet so a teaspoon of that with my favourite brand of hot chocolate makes a really nice treat.

Sleep time treats: Stocking A Pantry Cupboard
Sleep time treats

I will be doing a post on what is in my fridge, and how to stock a spice drawer soon!

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29 thoughts on “Stocking A Pantry Cupboard

  1. Love it! I’ve been making mayo with macadamia oil but it’s too strong too – must try with canola. Love the Lea & Perrins. I found an old cookbook of theirs at a flea market in New Zealand a few years ago – it’s remarkable what they add L&P too! We had a bottles drawer added into our kitchen when we renovated it – best thing ever.

    1. I am so intrigued by the cook book – I must see if I can find a copy. I have a drawer full of spice bottles that need a better configuration. I shall tell Dave about a bottle drawer for the new kitchen 🙂

  2. I love all the beautiful lavender decorating your page!!
    You should see all the bottles in my pantry! It is crazy, and like you I make my mayonnaise with an oil that doesn’t have a tasty, olive oil is too heavy.

  3. You could make a whole new blog just on pantry tips and tricks Tandy! 🙂 Love this. And I can’t get enough of seeing that beautiful white bricked wall in the background – gorgeous! That skinny hot choc from Nomu is my favourite. 🙂

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