Recipe For Tamarind Water

According to my Curry recipe book you should be making your own tamarind water. However, I saw yesterday that you can buy it in paste form – but with all the added extras I think it is far better to make your own.

Laksa Lemak Uses Tamarind Water
Laksa Lemak

Tamarind Water
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  • 30g tamarind pulp
  • 125mls water
  1. break up the tamarind pulp into a bowl and cover with hot water
  2. leave to soak for 15 minutes
  3. squeeze and mash the pulp with your fingers to loosen and separate the fibres and seeds
  4. strain the thick brown water through a sieve into a bowl
  5. discard the solids
My Notes
To make thick tamarind paste, use twice as much pulp. Can be stored in the fridge for two weeks

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5 thoughts on “Recipe For Tamarind Water

  1. This is really useful. I find that tamarind can is a bit of a minefield in recipes. Where I live in East London, you can buy fresh tamarind, blocks of dried tamarind, tamarind concentrate and pre-made water. Am definitely going to give this a go using some of the pulp I’ve got.

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    1. Please let me know how it worked out for you Rachel!

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  2. What would one use tamarind water for, a cordial for drinking?

    ps, my apple contribution is posted.

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    1. thanks, have your post open for reading! This morning’s recipe will answer your tamarind question, and no, I would not drink it!

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