The Port Charlotte Hotel, Islay

The Port Charlotte Hotel
The Port Charlotte Hotel

We drove for what seemed like an age, from Skerrols House to Port Charlotte, looking for the hotel. Thomas (the concierge at Skerrols House) had made the booking for us, and told Dave to look for a large white building. Well, everything from Bruichladdich onward is white and we thought we had driven far too long before stumbling on the hotel. We parked in the onsite parking at the back and made our way to reception. We were invited to have a pre-dinner drink in the lounge while we read through the menu. Dave and I chose a bottle of La Doutel Merlot 2014 to enjoy and made our menu choices, which were taken by Peter. Our waiter was from Hungary and had a wonderful sense of humour and offered a professional level of service that one would expect from a hotel dining room. Just before our starters were ready we were shown to our table and freshly baked bread rolls were brought to us.

Our Starters At The Port Charlotte Hotel

I chose the grouse confit (£7.50) to start as I wanted something I had never had before, and it was really good. Dave had the local scallops (£12.50) which were soft and extremely tasty. Continuing on the theme of new foods to try, I had the halibut (£21.50) for my main course which is a sweet, meaty fish. Dave had the Scottish salmon (£17.25) which is always his first choice of fish when dining out. Our meal came to £79.25 excluding gratuity.

Our Main Courses At The Port Charlotte Hotel

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  1. You always make me swoon with the lovely side-trips you take with all that fantastic food! I rarely see food like that where I live, but maybe it’s just not kid-friendly and hiring a baby-sitter is way too expensive. Until then, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you =)

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