The Versatile Blogger Award Take Two

The Versatile Blogger Award Take Two

Saswan who blogs as the Chef in Disguise has awarded me The Versatile Blogger award. Rita awarded this to me in her post here, so I am going to share with you a few more things about me you may not know. Here goes – The Versatile Blogger Award Take Two.

The Versatile Blogger Award Take Two

  1. I had a professional photo shoot done yesterday which has made me grateful for not being a model. The lights are hectic and I can only imagine what it is like on a professional cooking show. Saying that, I would love to have my own show!
  2. I have a very bad scar on my leg from a motor car accident
  3. I have never made a panna cotta
  4. I went overseas for the first time by myself when I was 8 years old
  5. I will try and cook anything!
  6. I have a tortoise named Stanley – who is a girl. Livingstone, our other tortoise has gone wandering.
  7. I am a motor sport fanatic.

I have already passed this on to 16 blogs! Here are a few more deserving bloggers.

  1. A Dash of Domestic
  2. Back Road Journal
  3. Chica Anzaluza
  4. Fig Jam and Lime Cordial
  5. Honey Kids
  6. PinkPolkaDotFood
  7. Sous Chef
  8. thekitchensgarden

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