Tredici, Swellendam, South Africa

Dave and I have spent many hours on the road between Gordons Bay and Sedgefield. One regular coffee stop along the way is Tredici in Swellendam. They are easily accessible from the N2 and the coffee is good and hot. On our way to Lakeside Lodge and Spa in April we decided to eat lunch there. They were really full and Dave and I chose to sit downstairs. Lunch is served from 12pm and Dave selected a toasted ham and cheese (R49) and I went for the butternut soup (R59). No sooner had we placed our order than Dave got a telephone call. He had a customer with a tricky job that needed a lot of his attention. Our waiter returned as soon as Dave had stepped out of the restaurant to confirm his order. He was not sure whether Dave wanted tomato or not. This is the one reason I would prefer wait staff to write the orders down. He was interrupted by another customer on his way to the till and could not recall what Dave had asked for.

Tredici Swellendam
Tredici Swellendam

Eventually Dave returned to the table and his order was sorted out. We did not have to wait too much longer for our meal. My first spoonful of soup led to me burning the top of my palate. Either the soup was heated and then kept very hot until Dave’s order had been confirmed, or it was heated in the microwave. I dunked my bread into my soup and after finishing the two slices, the soup was still too hot to really enjoy. This will not stop us from visiting again when we are on the road and in need of coffee.

Our Lunch At Tredici
Our Lunch At Tredici

They are open Wednesdays to Mondays from 07h00 to 18h00 and you can contact them on +27 28 514 2216

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14 thoughts on “Tredici, Swellendam, South Africa

  1. Good coffee and good soup, in particular, butternut make the world go round. I too find it quite baffling when servers do not write down the order. Of course, I understand that many have developed many recipes, but when you keep interrupting the couple to reaffirm the order who are just trying to savor their coffee, it defeats the purpose of going out at all! Especially for Tom and I who rarely get out! Tom wants to add restaurants review to our blog in the hopes of getting to eat out more “on the house” and I keep telling him (I am SUCH a picky eater that I don’t think anyone would want to partner with us as I am such a fussy person when it comes to food!) Oh well. Tom would give everyone a great review because any food he doesn’t have to cook tastes excellent to him, Ha.

    1. It can be quite tricky doing reviews when someone has paid for your meal as you need to be honest at all times. Just going out is a great meal for me 🙂

  2. How good does a toasted ham and cheese taste when you feel like it? Looks like a cool place Tandy.

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