Recipe For Tuna With Ginger Relish

This recipe for tuna with  ginger relish is a lovely way to spice up your supper. It is important to just sear the tuna. It is more like a steak than typical seafood and needs to be served rare. You want to be able to enjoy the taste of the fish. Tuna is quite strong in flavour so it can take bold flavours. This ginger relish adds another dimension to the dish. The ginger relish is a prepared item, available off the supermarket shelf in South Africa. I am fairly sure that you can find a similar ingredient where you live. I prefer to use tuna that has not been frozen. We only use fish that has been sustainably caught.

Tuna With Ginger Relish
Sea Harvest Tuna Steaks
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Tuna with Ginger Relish

Recipe Category: Main Course


  • 1 tuna steak
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season
  • whole coriander seeds crushed for seasoning
  • ginger relish


  • Season the tuna with the salt, pepper and coriander and allow to stand until the tuna is room temperature
  • Sear for 2 minutes per side and serve immediately with the ginger relish, on top of a bed of wilted greens

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