Turkish Figs With Honey And Camembert

It is not often that I can find some really plump Turkish figs, but when I do, I buy them. Figs can be paired with so many other flavours, but my best is certainly Camembert. This recipe is an extension of my previous one, adding some more sweetness with the honey.

Turkish Figs With Honey and Camembert
Turkish Figs With Honey and Camembert

When in season be sure to pick the plumpest figs you can find. They should be firm to the touch with just a hint of give. These purple figs are great for eating just as is. Or for using in desserts. They hold up well to all sorts of cooking, including my favourite go to recipe. This being a fig tarte tatin. Figs lend themselves to both sweet and savoury dishes and pair well with all sorts of cheeses. This is of course why you see preserved green figs on cheese platters. Green figs are the most common garden figs around. We grew up with two trees in our house, and the aim was to get to eat them before the birds did. In the Western Cape where I live, firm green figs are preserved for all sorts of dishes.


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Turkish Figs with Honey and Camembert

Recipe Category: Dessert
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 1 Turkish fig per person
  • 50 g Camembert per fig
  • 15 mls balsamic vinegar reduction - I used a fig flavoured one
  • 5 mls honey


  • quarter the figs, without slicing through the bottom
  • place the Camembert into the fig
  • place under the grill and leave there until the Camembert is soft
  • put the balsamic vinegar reduction into a pan and add the honey
  • leave until the honey has melted into the reduction
  • drizzle the sauce over the fig

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  2. Hi there,

    Lovely suggestion, going to try it. I bought my black figs (smaller than depicted above) in a large punnet at The Food Lovers Market (previously Fruit & Veg) for an eye-goggling R19.99 – I thought it was very cheap for the amount I got!

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