What Was In My Garden May 2016

What Was In My Garden May 2016

It is amazing that it has taken me since the 4th of May 2016 to get this post written up and shared! I hope you enjoy reading about what was in my garden. Since then winter has found its way to the Western Cape and we have had numerous cold days, a few decent rain days and even some seriously hot days. Here I have another mystery flower. I had some ‘grow paper’ and planted it and this is what came up.

Another Mystery Flower

My chilli bush is going strong and I have been picking chillies on a regular basis – enough to keep us well in stock. The wind has taken a few but this does not bother me as I always get bumper crops.

Chilli Bush

I let my fennel go to seed and new plants are peeking out of the mass of sweet potato leaves. This fennel was not the best eating variety but I like using the fronds in my recipes for extra flavour.


I pot planted a ficus over a decade ago and moved it into the bit of garden in front of our garage doors. I have surrounded it with indigenous water wise flowering plants so that the area does not need too much of my attention. There is enough water drop off from the roof to keep the ficus watered most of the year.

Ficus And Indigenous Water Wise Flowers

My gooseberry bush has grown back really nicely and I am hoping it will produce fruit soon. The trick is to get to the berries before the dogs do!

Gooseberry Bush

Scarlett loves to dig! And my herb planters are showing the effects of her efforts by being empty. She has not managed to dig out this one as it is too tall for her. She has however managed to pull out some of the parsley. I have new tomatoes growing here but so far they have not flowered.

Herb Planter

My marigolds continue to self seed with success. One day I will make some marigold tea with the flowers. But until then I am enjoying the natural insect repellent.


I bought a new variety of lavender and it is growing very slowly due to the fact that the lavender garden is not getting any sun in winter. However, all three plants are thriving and I am even getting flowers.

My Lavender Garden

And because so many people asked to see the puppy, here she is in my garden! She can climb over the fencing into the vegetable patch. The fencing was put up to dissuade the Jack Russell’s from digging. So far Scarlett has managed to find a carrot I did not harvest, as well as my horseradish which I eventually planted. I am hoping it will replant effectively.


Due to Scarlett’s need to dig I planted spinach and rocket in the retaining wall. The dogs don’t spend enough time hanging out in the drive way so it should be safe. However, this is where the sun doesn’t shine and so I need to move the plants. I am hoping to get my other vegetable planter filled with soil this month.

Spinach And Rocket

My sweet potatoes are flowering which means we are close to a second harvest. As soon as the flowers die we can begin digging up potatoes. This year I will ensure we get each and every last one out.

Sweet Potato Flowers

My tarragon bush is amazing and I have been able to use this herb whenever I have needed to. I have dried some for in case it dies back this winter as it is meant to do.


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