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Pickled Ginger

Recipe adapted from Preserve page 104


  • 30 g fresh root ginger peeled and sliced extremely thinly
  • 5 g coarse salt
  • 75 mls rice vinegar
  • 30 g sugar – I used I used fructose
  • 1 dried chilli
  • 5 pink peppercorns


  • Layer the ginger into a bowl and cover with the salt
  • Place a plate over the bowl and leave to stand overnight
  • Rinse the salt off the ginger and place on kitchen paper to dry
  • Place the ginger into a small glass jar
  • Put the vinegar, sugar, chilli and peppercorns into a saucepan
  • Dissolve the sugar over a low heat
  • Remove the chilli and pour the vinegar over the ginger


Store for up to 6 months