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Guest Blogger: Michael English: Lemon Grass Poached White Peaches

Author: This is adapted from The Sweet Life – Desserts from Chanterelle by Kate Zuckerman


  • 25 mls dry white wine
  • 250 mls sugar
  • 1 stick of lemon grass
  • 6 White peaches


  • In a medium pot combine the wine, sugar and bruised lemon grass with two cup of water and bring to the boil
  • Wash the peaches, and place whole into the pot
  • Simmer till a knife slides into the centre easily, about 20 min
  • The syrup may seem sweet, Kate uses 11/2 cup of sugar, but I toned it down. Though once chilled you may find you need it
  • Transfer the peaches and fruit into a bowl, and chill in an ice bath
  • When cool, peel off the skin. This is nice if you are serving guests, but frankly if it just for you, I wouldn’t bother.
  • To serve, cut them in half and remove the stone to reveal the blushing pink centre. Serve the halves with ice cream and a drizzle of the beautiful peach coloured syrup
  • They will keep refrigerated for up to a week