Many years ago, Dave and I went to Somerset Mall to look for a roasting pan for my birthday. We went to the kitchen boutique shop and they had one roasting pan but it was not suitable. The quality did not meet Dave’s very high standards. I only had one requirement and that was for my roasting pan to have handles. Dave and I left the mall without a roasting pan and went back to work. Dave searched on google and came across a roasting pan he thought was good enough. It was made by Scanpan, and the only company in South Africa that sold the item was yuppiechef. The website showed they had stock, and Dave called them to ask one huge favour – would they allow him to send the driver to collect it. Dave wanted me to have something to open on my birthday, even if I had chosen it. The reply was “of course” and this started my relationship with yuppiechef.

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I got my very first badge with my roasting pan and my very large collection can be found on the fridge at my friend Cindy’s house! How I wish yuppiechef had been around when we got married as I know my gadget collection would have started with lots of lovely kitchen tools. I not only love the selection and the quality of items I can choose from, I love the beautifully wrapped boxes and the handwritten cards I get each time a box of happiness is delivered to me.

Yuppiechef magnets
yuppiechef badge

This very special yuppiechef badge has my name on it and I use it on my fridge to hold my recipes up! Not only can you buy amazing kitchen items from yuppiechef (and delivery is free) you can also take part in their cookathons, and community blogger events such as Eat for The Earth. You can win in their competitions and end up receiving prizes or having a certificate sent to you.

And now, to borrow yuppiechef’s own words from our Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba:

for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing please see their website.

Thank you everyone at yuppiechef for your support!

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