Recipe For Rose Pink Biscuits

When I was in my twenties, I went with my friend to donate blood. I am B-positive and 12 percent of the people living in South Africa share the same blood group. Unfortunately, due to my weight and blood pressure I could not become a blood donor. So, I decided to become a bone marrow donor instead. … Continue reading

Recipe For Lavender Surprise Cake

The other day I was driving up the road and saw a gentleman pushing a shopping trolley. This is quite a common occurrence where I work as we have a second hand scrap metal dealer close to our office. The trolley pushers collect scrap metal and other recyclables from around the area and take it to … Continue reading

Recipe For Tsoureki Easter Bread

Our Easter weekend was really wonderful, and I hope that yours was as well. I did quite a bit of laundry and only a little bit of recipe testing for the blog. I left the making of my Tsoureki Cypriot Easter Bread until Easter Monday. I trusted that the recipe from Paul Hollywood would work … Continue reading