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Every recipe book comes with recipe notes one can refer to when you bake / cook from it and inspired by that I feel that a page on the subject is needed here. Please keep in mind that I cook for 2 of us, and so the majority of my recipes are enough to feed 2 hungry people.

Baking – I line most of my baking trays with a silpat. My baking tins get lined with baking paper. I try and buy a good quality baking paper when overseas as I found the ones available in South Africa tend to stick to the baking. I also use baking spray rather than butter for greasing.

Blood temperature – for recipes this refers to 38° Celsius

Bread proving – use the times as a guideline. Basically you want the dough to double in size. It takes an hour in my kitchen most times which is why my recipes state an hour.

Butter – I use unsalted butter. Unless stated the butter is at room temperature.

Eggs – I use Jumbo free range farm eggs. My recipes all work with extra large eggs which are the easiest to come by. Make sure if possible that you use free range eggs. Unless stated, I use my eggs straight out of the fridge. They are easier to slacken off and separate when left out of the fridge for a while. Remember they are porous so keep your eggs in a lidded container. Use the freshest eggs you have for poaching, and the oldest ones for boiling. The older eggs are easier to peel after being boiled.

Fructose – I am sucrose intolerant so for my recipes I use fructose. If you prefer to use sugar please substitute gram for gram. Recently I have been using Xylitol in my recipes but this would always be my second choice.

Milk – I use full cream UHT milk

Seasoning – my recipes always say ‘to taste’. Organic pepper is way hotter than non organic and so we need a little for our seasoning. Also, palate’s differ and cooking is all about tasting

Vanilla – I use vanilla extract in all of my recipes. You can double the quantity if you use essence. If you have vanilla powder use 0.625mls when a recipe calls for a vanilla pod.

I will update this page as I go along. If there is anything that you need clarified on a recipe, please leave a comment here for me so that I can reply.

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  1. Can u please tell me where in bloemfontein or nearby the balsamic drie fruit and rooibos syrup is available

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    Love receipt for no sugar nought will try this for sure

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