Rocket And Basil Pesto

I have a salad garden so that Dave can pick his own green leaves for workday lunches. It is abundant with wild rocket and three different types of basil. And so, a rocket and basil pesto seemed like a great solution to using some of the herbs. 

Cauliflower Bites With Rocket And Basil Pesto
Cauliflower Bites With Rocket And Basil Pesto
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Some of my regular readers will recall the threat of Day Zero. We were in a severe drought and our dams had days of water left in them. Due to the fact our municipal water consumption was restricted, many people sunk boreholes. We have an aquifer beneath our property and this was sucked dry by the drought and the borehole users. And then the rains came, and it rained and rained. Filling up our dams and all the underground aquifers. Other than relief, the main result for us was a huge crack in our wall. The cause was two-fold. One, the land had subsided and then flooded under the foundation. And the other was the poor brick work done. The bricks had not been tied together and the corner opened up. Eventually we came to an agreement with the builder about the repair.

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The inside wall was sealed using a silicone that can expand and contract. This is necessary as the ground will do this naturally. The outside wall had the bricks removed and new ones laid, tied in to each other, with rebar. The new brickwork was left to cure for a week before being painted. I can only hope that the work that has been done is sufficient to stop the wall totally opening up. I can understand that cracks appear as the ground beneath is clay, and not very stable. And the stress put on the walls by the roof beams creates small cracks. These are all part and parcel of building a home. As long as there are no gaping seams I will be happy. Have you had any large cracks appear in your walls? If so, what caused them?

Rocket And Basil Pesto


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Rocket And Basil Pesto

Use spinach instead of the rocket and change out the basil for parsley, coriander or origanum
Recipe Category: Dips
Makes enough for: 1 batch pesto
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Low Carb Is Lekker Three page 30


  • 25 g sunflower seeds, lightly toasted and cooled
  • 18 g rocket leaves
  • 18 g basil leaves
  • 15 mls lemon juice
  • 8 g Parmesan, grated
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled (blitz in the microwave for 30 seconds if you do not like raw garlic)
  • 30 mls olive oil
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to season


  • Place the sunflower seeds into a blender and blitz for 10 seconds, just to break them up
  • Add the rocket, basil, lemon juice, Parmesan and garlic and blend until coarse
  • Add the olive oil and blend until smooth
  • Season to taste and serve or store in a sterilized glass jar for up to 1 week in the fridge


See this post on how I sterilize my glass jars.
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10 thoughts on “Rocket And Basil Pesto

  1. What interesting variations I shall certainly try! I love pesto but seem to have been a real stick-in-the-mud usually just using basil and pine nuts !!! Shall certainly be more adventurous . . . your variants come out cheaper as well 🙂 !

  2. Yes we live on clay soil so our house which is an old wooden Queenslander moves with the seasons as the soil dries out and then expands in the rain. We have quite a few cracks in our 80-year old horsehair plaster walls! And the doors won’t shut 🙂 That’s life … A good pesto is a marvellous thing esp. if made with fresh garden produce.

  3. No such thing as wall cracks but I live in a city that is just one meter above sea level and we face other problems….I love a good pesto but haven’t yet thought of adding rocket leaves in it.

  4. I have to comment from my laptop which is why you are getting them all in one go. Our house was built in 1929 and is the original farmhouse for Linden. We are fortunate that we don’t get many cracks. Occasionally, we get an earth tremor which can cause a small crack but nothing much. A nice recipe. Thank you.

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