Recipe For Chicken Ballotine

When I do not have time to spare I make use of my sous vide cooker. I am guaranteed a perfect result each and every time. I made chicken ballotine for lunch on a busy day. Once the chicken was stuffed and rolled I placed them into the sous vide and got on with the rest of my tasks.

Chicken Ballotine With Roasted And Pickled Carrots
Chicken Ballotine With Roasted And Pickled Carrots
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We have a really small post office in our village with two windows. However, only one is usually manned. Even if both have someone on duty the norm is to form one queue. The post office recently decided to repaint our post boxes. While they were busy with this we had to collect our post from the office. This meant they were busier than usual. While the person on duty was busy with a client, I went off to the side to fill in my crayfish license form. I was the only one in there at the time and when a young lady came in I thought she would realize I was waiting to be served. As soon as the person was done at the counter I went up to ask for my mail. The young lady had something to say, but I explained I had been waiting.

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She then asked the manager to assist her but as she doesn’t do any transactions she told her to wait her turn. As soon as I had received my mail I asked the teller to process my crayfishing license. While she captured my details I started filling in Dave’s form. At this point the lady was extremely vocal towards me for not only jumping in front of her but for doing more than one thing. I explained I would never step in front of someone, and that I was merely filling in the form while the teller was busy. She moaned about how she was going to be late for something, as if it were my fault! I found her attitude to be so rude, and countered with a simple reply. Had she merely said she was in a rush I actually would have let her go ahead of me.

Chicken Ballotine

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Recipe For Chicken Ballotine
This is a way to turn plain chicken fillets into something fancy
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  • 2 skinless chicken fillets
  • 25g flat leaf parsley
  • 25g fresh coriander
  • 50g feta
  • 5mls harissa
  • Salt to season
  • Butter to finish
  1. Flatten the fillets using a wooden mallet
  2. Finely chop the parsley and coriander
  3. Place into a bowl together with the feta and harissa
  4. Blend together using a fork
  5. Season the fillets and place the herb mixture on top
  6. Roll tightly into a sausage shape using cling film
  7. Tie knots at each end and place the ballotines into a sous vide bag
  8. Vacuum seal and place into a sous vide cooker set at 65º Celsius
  9. Cook for 1.5 – 4 hours
  10. Heat some butter in a frying pan
  11. Remove the ballotines from the cooker and cling film
  12. Flash fry in the butter to add colour
  13. Cut in half and serve


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6 thoughts on “Recipe For Chicken Ballotine

  1. I have a sous vide cooker and your simple recipe sounds perfect.

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    1. Thank you Karen 🙂

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  2. The chicken looks lovely, and I’m glad you spoke simple truth to the irritable woman. Hopefully next time she’ll be more considerate.

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    1. Hopefully so!

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  3. Wow some people really seem paranoid or like people are out to ruin their day! That lady sounded like hard work.

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    1. She did!

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