Chocolate Pudding

I had a desire to be bathed in this chocolate wonder when I first tasted it at Perdeberg. It is everything you want from a dessert and if you only make one thing from this blog this year, make this! You will thank me once you have the first taste of this chocolate pudding.

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Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Pudding

On Monday the 21st of December I woke up and put our linen into the washing machine before doing anything else. I was unsure where to hang it and decided not to risk the wind outside and used my clothes horse in the lounge. My day started with working at home until 9am and I then went into the office on my way through to town. I was in the office for just under an hour, in the stores, and when I came back to my desk it was pouring down. Needless to say I was grateful that I had hung the laundry indoors as I needed to remake the bed before I could go to sleep that night, and I don’t like to use the tumble dryer if at all possible. I drove through to Canal Walk and parked as close to the door as possible. Stupidly, I had sandals on, given that it was quite hot when I left home. I keep a spare rain jacket in the car so put that on and ran inside, trying not to get my feet too wet. It rained so much that our swimming pool was filled to the brim. For the next 35 days we did not have one drop of rain! The heat was relentless and the wind howled. My garden has suffered terribly as we are not allowed to water every day due to water restrictions. I have planted a water wise garden next to our garage doors that is doing fantastically well despite this. However, I also planted two different varieties of lavender for the lavender garden that have probably needed more water than they are getting. Since then, we have had one day of drizzle. I am practising my rain dance, which I needed not only for the rain, but to burn off the calories from my chocolate pudding 😉

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Chocolate Pudding

Look no further for the perfect chocolate dessert
Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 4 people
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Nigella Lawson


  • 250 mls milk
  • 125 mls cream
  • 70 g fructose
  • 15 mls cornflour
  • 40 g cocoa powder
  • 30 mls boiling water
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 5 mls vanilla extract
  • 60 g dark chocolate, roughly chopped


  • Place the milk and cream into a heavy bottomed saucepan
  • Place on the stove on a medium temperature
  • Bring up to blood temperature
  • Place the fructose and cornflour into a medium sized heavy bottom saucepan
  • Add the boiling water and whisk to combine
  • Whisk in the egg yolks, one at a time
  • Whisk in the warmed milk and cream
  • Whisk in the vanilla extract
  • Place on the stove on a medium temperature
  • Whisk for 15 minutes till the mixture thickens
  • Remove from the heat and whisk in the chocolate
  • Once completely melted, and combined, pour into your serving dishes
  • Leave to cool slightly before refrigerating to set
  • Remove from the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving

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46 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding

  1. I love how you used dark chocolate for this pudding ~ I have just the right chocolate too I think! Might be a fun project today, 7 degrees outside, too cold to leave! Excited for your lavender bed, I’m trying to do the same. A shame about the water situation, a huge problem for my California friends, but we have excess water here. Crazy, but true. More flooding issues than anything.

  2. I adore chocolate pudding – Tandy, I’ll gladly join you in a rain dance if I can have seconds of this 🙂

  3. 5 stars
    Hi Tandy, your pudding looks delicious, love the color. Sorry to hear about the drought you are having, we have had a lot of snow in the mountains this year so that should help us out a little down here in the desert.

  4. Yes yes yes! This chocolate pudding looks to die for. Didn’t realize you guys were in a drought- crossing my fingers for you. We’re having a drought in California as well, but El Nino has helped us this winter a bit.

  5. It seems like the whole blogging community is making chocolate based recipes at the moment! I made a chocolate brownie recipe this afternoon and now feel motivated to make another chocolate based pudding….this looks so good Tandy! Yay to chocolate!

  6. I’ve read two blogs in a row and both for pudding. Must be the time of year. It is most definitely not the time for rain though. We had two days of rain between Christmas and New year and haven’t had any since. My garden is desiccated. Now I am returning the house back to normal, soon it will be time to get into the garden. Normally at Easter but it is early this year and I know it will still be too hot. Send it down Hughie!

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