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This Red Currant Conserve in known in French as Bar-Le-Duc. This region in the north east of France has been preserving currants using this method since the fourteenth century.

Red Currant Conserve
Red Currant Conserve
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Last Friday night we got together with friends at a local eatery. They serve really good hamburgers and that is why we went there. I knew they were not licensed but I had forgotten our bottle of wine at home. As I had been out for lunch and had wine with my meal, I was not too concerned. Dave and George shared Elize’s bottle with her, and I stuck to water. We ordered four main courses, a few sides, water and espresso. We were done very early which was great considering we were still under curfew conditions. Dave paid the bill and on the way home I asked him how much it was. When he told me R790 including the tip I nearly fell of my chair so to speak. A meal without alcohol should never come close to R200 per head.

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As I had paid R225 for lunch including wine I thought it was really excessive. Dave however did not agree. I then took a look at the bill and saw we had been charged R225.00 for something we did not order, or get! The rest of the bill was reasonable – R88 per burger, plus R60 for the sides. Dave’s tacos came to R95 so all-in-all, not expensive. I called them and the manager said we could come back and he would sort it out. Turns out that the loaded chips he rung up were meant to be the tempura vegetables we got. The refund was sorted out and within a few hours the money reflected in our account. I am really glad I double checked as I would have felt ripped off when I reconciled the credit card at the end of the month.

Red Currant Conserve

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Red Currant Conserve

This is great served with lamb, on scones, with a fruit tart, in yoghurt, or on toasted sourdough bread
Recipe Category: Preserves
Makes enough for: 1 batch Conserve


  • 300 g frozen red currants
  • 30 mls liquid from defrosting
  • 150 g fructose


  • Set a sieve over a bowl and place the red currants into the sieve and set aside to defrost
  • Once defrosted, place the red currants and 30mls of the liquid into a thick bottomed saucepan
  • Heat over a low temperature and when just simmering, gently swirl the pan to turn the fruit
  • Leave to simmer for 4 minutes then turn off the heat
  • Add the fructose 15mls at a time, gently stirring in between each addition - you do not want to blister the skin
  • Once all the fructose has been added, cover the top with baking paper
  • Set aside to cool for 24 hours
  • Remove the baking paper and place the saucepan onto a medium to low temperature
  • Leave to summer for 4 minutes, gently swirling the pan every minute
  • Place the preserves into a sterilized glass jar and seal straight away
  • Tip the jar onto its lid for a minute then turn right side up and leave to cool
  • Store for up to a year in your pantry and once opened, refrigerate and use within 6 weeks


See this post on how I sterilize my glass jars.
Semolina Crumpets Served With Bar-Le-Duc
Semolina Crumpets Served With Bar-Le-Duc
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime October 2:

What do you expect to pay per head for a meal out, with and without alcohol?

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11 thoughts on “Red Currant Conserve | Bar-Le-Duc

  1. Good you checked that bill. I used to be terrible about checking my bill prior to paying, but now I always check. It amazing how often it incorrect. I love it when someone leaves off an item and I remind them that they missed it.
    Love the conserve recipe. We make one very similar here using black currents. It’s excellent with wild game as I’m sure your red currant conserve is.

  2. I’m really bad at checking receipts. Lesson learned here. I’ve never heard of this – the name bar le duc. But I do love red currant jelly. Yours looks really good with the currants in the jam/conserve.

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