September 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

September 2019 seemed to creep up so quickly. One minute we were in the middle of August and then the next thing, there was the start of spring. My #IMK posts might start to take a new look as I am not going to be adding much to my kitchen. It has all that I need and the few items that I want are too expensive to splurge on right now.

Creations out of my kitchen in September 2019

I made a Greek Chicken Pie and a Cherry and Blueberry Strudel when my parents came to visit. I dished up some Persian Rice using an Iranian Five Spice Blend to go with all the casseroles we ate while it was cold. On the baking front there was also a Pear Hazelnut Frangipane and Brioche Rolls. These were served with Camembert, Pickled Mustard Seeds and a Smokey Fiery Harissa.

Flan Tin

I knew exactly what I was going to make with the flan tin, even before I got it. This was another of my birthday gifts. I made the pear hazelnut frangipane in it and I have a few more ideas that will be tested soon.

Flan Tin September 2019

For My Kitchen

My friend Dorothy gave me this amazing little plate. The words really mean a lot to me, just as our friendship does. I am using it to place ingredients on that have been bought specifically for the blog.

For My Kitchen September 2019

Hot Chocolate Sachets

I asked Kim to bring some hot chocolate sachets with her. I like to travel with them but we don’t get any sugar free ones here. Kim decided to bring the coconut flavour as well and they are pretty good. The chocolate ones are delicious and I cannot wait to get to the UK in November to make myself a cup each day.

Hot Chocolate Sachets September 2019

September 2019 FOMO Box

For those of you who know Dave, you will know that the droëwors did not last a day! I have hidden the salted caramels from him ;). The sauce, chutney and beer bread have been put away. I have placed the chilli salt next to the stove and I am sure Dave will use it. I still have some flaked chilli salt in my pantry which I used when I made my flaxseed brownies. The beer will be enjoyed as Darling Brew is one of our favourites at home. And for those of you looking for the Green Lite’s, I sell them! Each pyramid rooibos tea bag is in a fancy box. This is very expensive tea and I hope the taste is worthy of the packaging.

September 2019 FOMO Box

This is my submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. Pop on over to her blog to take a peek.

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15 thoughts on “September 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. thanks for joining in tandy. yes i know what you mean- i have so many gadgets and bits and bobs it ain’t funny:) i have one of those long rectangular flan tins too. very handy for a long thin tart… have a great month cheers sherry

  2. Cooking is really the biggest producer of new things in a kitchen, so I enjoyed your list of what you cooked as the real heart of the kitchen this month. I’m like you … not much more room for new items either in the pantry or (especially) on the counter top!

    best… mae at

    1. I wish I could have my counter tops free of things – but Dave has his coffee machine on it and I have my Kitchen Aid, so it is a hopeless wish 🙂

  3. That’s such a coincidence Tandy. We appear to have an excess of beer so only last night I was Googling beer bread and muffins. I hope to make some this weekend. I have one of the flan tins and find it handy when you are cooking for a crowd as everyone gets an even piece.

  4. Hi… its so nice to see what is happening in your kitchen and so great to be back!
    WOW Tandy, that cherry and blueberry strudel looks amazing, so delicious. I totally get not having to buy much for your kitchen as my hubby (yes I got married) has been buying me all sorts of kitchen things I have wanted to by myself… which is really lovely, so I really do have everything! So I’m going to focus on food LOL!
    Thanks for sharing!
    liz xx

  5. Tandy, it seems like we’re all reaching the saturation point as far as kitchen gadgets (or counter space) go, but new ingredients gleaned from world travels — or even at the local grocery store — continue to capture my attention, along with well-written, delightfully illustrated stories. IMK is evolving to accommodate our present day lives! It’s always a pleasure to interact with you and everyone here. Your amazing lil’ plate pretty much says it all, xo!

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