Five Spice Rub

Making a dry rub to keep is something we do quite often. This recipe for five spice rub was used for baby back ribs. And seeing has I had made extra, we used it for some eland steaks as well.

Five Spice Rub
Honey-Teriyaki Glazed Baby Back Ribs Dry Marinated With Five Spice Rub
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In November 2019 I asked an insurance broker friend to quote me on Medical Aid. He decided he couldn’t be bothered with the effort it would take. And I couldn’t understand that mentality. Especially as after the work was done in signing me up, he would get passive income for as long as I kept the policy. Of course when hard lockdown came around, he complained the loudest about it. Which was a bit pathetic in my opinion as he still woke up at the end of the month with a pay cheque. On the other hand, I was grateful he had not wanted my business. Last year I was not in a position to afford the extra expense. I don’t need medical aid per se as we have a comprehensive hospital plan. And in South Africa, the medical aid’s do not cover 100% of out of hospital expenses.

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So I would be paying both the fund and the excess for my Doctor’s appointments. The main reason for me wanting to explore my options is that my glasses cost me a lot of money every year. And it would be nice to have that expense covered. This year I decided to self insure. I have opened a dedicated savings account and am contributing a monthly amount. This is slightly over the average of what I spent last year on all my medical expenses, other than medication. I will then use this account to pay for all related costs and see if I come out with money left over or not. And next year I shall adjust the amount I save accordingly. Do you have a medical aid, or do you self insure?

Five Spice Rub Ingredients

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Five Spice Rub

Use this dry rub for all sorts of meats, especially pork
Recipe Category: Spice Blend
Makes enough for: 1 batch Spice Rub
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Weber's Ultimate Braai Book page 188



  • Place the sugar, salt and 5 spice powder into a bowl and mix to combine
  • Use as needed as a dry rub


* I made my 5 spice powder from scratch for this recipe
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime June 18:

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  1. we are lucky to have retty good insurance through my employer. I’m not sure if it si the same thing, but for a couple of years I did try using a health savings account. The problem was you had to estimate at the beginning of the year how much you wanted to put in there towards future medical expenses, but if you didn’t use it all, you lost what you had put in. There were some minor tax savings with such an account, but not enough to cover the money I lost each year from overfunding it…

    there are some such plans where the money you do not use carries over to the following year, but my employer does not yet offer such a plan…

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