Snoek Braai

We love a snoek braai and for as many families that braai this fish, there must be as many recipes. Most of my friends use apricot jam, but we have a different way of doing things in our house. Here is our recipe – try it and enjoy!

Snoek Braai
Snoek Braai
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Snoek Braai

Recipe Category: Seafood
Makes enough for: 4 people
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 1 whole snoek
  • coarse salt
  • 15 mls olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 30 mls mayonnaise


  • open the snoek so it is skin side down and cover the flesh with the coarse sea salt
  • leave for 20 minutes and then wash off
  • pat dry
  • mix together the olive oil, garlic and mayonnaise
  • brush this onto the flesh (if you have a really HUGE snoek, you may need more of the mixture)
  • braai flesh side down until the mayonnaise starts to melt
  • turnover and continue braaing until the fish is done

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Ingredients for my snoek braai

  • Snoek – this is a locally caught fish which is extremely sustainable as long as the local fishermen look after the resource. It resembles barracuta commonly found close to New Zealand and South America. I try and buy them when the catch is fresh and the fish is best used not frozen.
  • Salt – I use salt sourced from the Kalahari Desert. It is very salty so my recipes accommodate this. Adjust seasoning to suit your palate for savoury dishes only.
  • Olive oil – I use extra virgin cold pressed olive oil in my recipes. Be sure to store your olive oil in a dark container in a cupboard. Exposure to light could make it go rancid.
  • Garlic – buy firm garlic cloves and use even if they sprout. If this really bothers you then plant the sprouted garlic and harvest your own.
  • Mayonnaise – I have not used store bought mayonnaise for an extremely long time. It is so easy to make your own and the result is fantastic.

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24 thoughts on “Snoek Braai

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  2. I wish you people would not talk about food when I am so hungry….that sounds really good…anything with garlic sounds good to me!

  3. This sounds awesome Tandy – i have never had anything but smoked snoek. Mental note – to get some next time i am in cape town xxx have a wonderful Friday t – enjoy your friends this evening xxx jan

    1. fresh snoek is really lovely, and a very inexpensive fish so for a family it is a bargain! The evening was awesome, thanks xxxx

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