Snoek Paté Using Braaied Snoek

When Dave and I braai a snoek just for the two of us there is always a lot left over. So in order to make use of the leftovers we make a snoek paté using the flesh from the fish.

Snoek Paté Using Braaid Snoek
snoek paté

Snoek is a locally caught fish that is sustainable. You might know this as barracuda where you live, or even baracuta. Especially if you come from the islands of New Zealand. There are many ways to cook the snoek over the fire. But we prefer it plain and simple. This way you can taste the fish. And you can serve it with any sides that take your fancy. Even though there are a lot of bones, they are long. And so it is easy to remove the flesh. Once you have made sure there are no bones in the snoek, flake it using a fork. Then add a decent amount of crème fraîche to moisten the fish. Season generously with freshly ground black pepper. In the past Dave and I would use the leftover gooseberry sauce to add an extra layer of flavour. But now we prefer to add finely chopped coriander. You can add any freshly chopped herbs of your choice, such as chives or basil. Serve on crackers or fresh bread.

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