Sourdough Whole Wheat Seed Bread

Any bread made with a starter is perfect for me. This sourdough whole wheat seed bread takes time and effort. But it is so worth it.

Artisanal bread is a labour of love. You have to have patience, but the reward is great! I make use of a sourdough starter which provides bacterial (in the good sense) action on the starch and proteins in my bread dough. At the Taste Glacier event I attended, we were given a recipe for whole wheat seed bread, which called for a poolish. A poolish is a pre-fermented starter. This pre-ferment allows more time for the yeast and enzymes to take action on the starch and proteins in the dough.  The use of a pre-ferment means your bread will keep longer and it adds more flavour to your bread. As I already have a sourdough starter I decided to rather use that instead of making the poolish. I cannot tell you if this made a difference to the bread, but I can tell you that it tasted good, which to me is all that matters.

Have you ever made a poolish before?

Sourdough Whole Wheat Seed Bread
Sourdough Whole Wheat Seed Bread
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Sourdough Whole Wheat Seed Bread

Recipe Category: Bread
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Café Food by Evan Faull page 32


for the seed mix

  • 5 g sesame seeds
  • 5 g linseeds
  • 5 g rolled oats
  • 5 g sunflower seeds
  • 15 g digestive bran
  • 3 g pumpkin seeds
  • 1 g aniseeds
  • 45 mls boiling water

for the bread dough

  • 250 g unsifted whole wheat flour
  • 10 g salt
  • 200 g fed sourdough starter
  • 15 g honey
  • 5 g fructose
  • 8 g yeast
  • 12.5 mls canola oil, plus extra for greasing
  • 175 mls tap water


for the seed mix

  • Mix the seeds with the water and set aside to absorb while you make your bread dough

for the bread dough

  • Lightly oil a mixing bowl with oil
  • Place all of the ingredients for the bread dough into the bowl of a stand mixer
  • Mix for 4 minutes on slow and then 8 minutes on a medium speed
  • Place the dough into the oiled mixing bowl and cover with a damp cloth
  • Leave in a warm place to prove for 40 minutes
  • Lightly oil a loaf tin
  • Place the dough into the tin and flatten with wet hands
  • Cover and prove for 50 minutes
  • Preheat the oven to 220° Celsius
  • Lightly spray the top of the dough with water and place the seed mix on top of the dough
  • Place some ice blocks into your oven when you put the loaf tin in and bake for 55 minutes
  • Turn out onto a wire rack to cool

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Disclosure: I was invited to Taste Glacier event and I was not asked to write a blog post about my experiences. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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41 thoughts on “Sourdough Whole Wheat Seed Bread

  1. No, haven’t heard of poolish. And I’m Polish. Your bread came out perfect, Tandy. Love all those seeds on top. 🙂 ela

  2. Hi Tandy, always wanted to make a bread using a starter. Love all the different kinds of seeds in this. In your instructions when you say put ice blocks in oven, is that for moisture?

  3. I love making bread at home. The whole house just smells wonderful. I agree taking the time to use a poolish starter makes a huge difference in the bread you make. I love the flavor and aroma that this type of bread gives.

  4. Great looking bread and with your own starter is always the best. I love making bread but it is the humidity and fighting with my oven that cannot hold its temperature that pose a problem. ahh the joys of living in Hong Kong. At least I can look at your delicious bread.

  5. This bread sounds and looks delicious Tandy…I love the idea of sourdough and the seeds in it.
    Have a beautiful weekend Tandy 😀

  6. Hi Tandy, we have a very soft spot for seed breads….we could probably have them for snack every day with some nut butter…but were always unsure about making them…and now reading your post inspires us to try our hands with this delicious loaf,thanks so much for sharing…Have A Beautiful Day!!! 🙂

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