The Perfect Recipe For Poached Eggs

I am really spoilt with kitchen gadgets galore and so I seldom bother to make anything other than boiled eggs. I have an egg boiler and all you do is prick the egg, add the water, cover, switch it on and hey presto, with the ringing of a bell, boiled eggs. Some weekends scrambled eggs will feature on my breakfast table, and if Dave is cooking, omelette’s are on order. But, I braved up and decided to make poached eggs for supper after a glass of wine. Now, I am not sure if the wine helped, but the concentration I was forced to use to get this right must have helped a bit. I tried again a few mornings later and I did not get the same perfect result. Now, I do not advocate having a drink to improve your cooking, but with poached eggs, I might always follow Floyd’s rule of a glass of wine when cooking.

Poached Eggs
Poached Eggs
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Poached Eggs


  • fresh eggs at room temperature
  • 5 mls vinegar


  • put a pan of water onto boil
  • add the vinegar
  • crack each egg into a small bowl
  • stir the water to create a vortex
  • gently slide an egg at a time into the water, stirring between each addition
  • the eggs are done as soon as the white is set but the yolk must still be soft
  • (time about 2min 30s, or if you take your eggs straight from the fridge, you will need 3 minutes)
  • refresh in cold water and drain before serving


fresh eggs will yield the best results


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0 thoughts on “The Perfect Recipe For Poached Eggs

  1. I have a nifty microwave poacher that works very well. (Trying to summon the energy for the Le Creuset challenge, hopefully I get it done in time.)

  2. Those poached eggs look superb! I would cringe every time someone asked for poached eggs for breakfast in the cafè..scrambled was always my forte!

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