Food Quiz Number 52 For A Friday

My friend PinkPolkaDot has posted her regular food quiz – if you would like to take part, please take a look at her blog 🙂 Here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 52.

1. What is the main ingredient of peperonata?

peppers (Italian dish)

2. What is pansotti?


3. Which vegetables is part of the Brassica family?


4. What does it mean to knock-back dough?

after the first proving you knock the air out of the dough before allowing it to rise for a second time

5. Are Scallops also called Baby clams?

I should hope not, as they are not the same class of moluscs

6. Where did Jambalaya originate from? / What is jambalaya?

The dish originates from the Creoles who live in Louisiana and is influenced by French and Spanish cuisine. The dish consists of meat, vegetables, stock and rice – very similar to paella

7. Beetroot are the family of which other vegetable?


8. What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?

choux pastry

Food Quiz Number 52
profiteroles and éclairs

9. What is taleggio?

An Italian cheese

10. What are the two main ingredients of carbonnade and from which country does it originate?

beef and onions and it originates from Belgium

Please see this week’s Something Sweet Challenge – you stand a chance to win a Le Creuset set of cassis rectangular dishes – 1 x 26cm and 1 x 19cm valued at R398. See the competition page for more details.

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10 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 52 For A Friday

  1. Taleggio..a beautiful cheese, but ohhh it makes your kitchen stink! No one seems to mind when they eat it, the flavour is yummy….but you need to close off the kitchen and open windows and doors….smelly wet socks come to mind!

    1. I love the cheese and we can now get it locally which is fantastic – but it does have a rather noticeable smell 🙂

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