Apple And Lime Sorbet

I like to eat an apple every morning before I have anything else to eat. But, I am a very fussy apple eater. They have to be crunchy and the cannot be floury and soft. Granny Smith remain my all time favourite but I like to buy the sweet little red apples as they are usually the most crunchy. However, this Apple And Lime Sorbet would make for a better choice every day in my opinion.

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I recently bought a bag of the little red apples, and bit into one and to my dismay, it was floury. More than my distaste for floury apples, it my not wanting to waste money. So, I decided to use my juicer and make apple juice. I thought that instead of drinking my fruit I would turn it into a sorbet, with an additional sour note of lime to make sure it puckered your mouth like a good sorbet should. This apple and lime sorbet was perfect for the hot summer weather we had earlier this year.

which are your favourite apples?

Apple And Lime Sorbet
Apple And Lime Sorbet
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Apple And Lime Sorbet

Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 batch sorbet
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Kitchen Aid book page 12


  • 400 mls apple juice
  • 75 mls lime juice
  • 300 mls simple syrup


  • Mix together the apple juice and the lime juice and place in the fridge overnight
  • Mix in the simple syrup and place straight into your ice cream churner
  • Churn as per the instructions for your machine
  • Place into a freezer proof container and freeze


For an adult sorbet, add 15mls of Vodka half way through churning

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17 thoughts on “Apple And Lime Sorbet

  1. I don’t like soft apples either. Apart from Granny Smith, there’s a famous local variety in Greece, known as “apples from Zagora” (the name of the village and wider area where they are cultivated). They are as red and crunchy as the apple given to Snow White!

  2. I dislike floury apples too. Luckily we live in a part of France, well known for its apples and pears, that offer a great selection of crisp, juicy apples. Great for making tarts as well.

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